Get some De Thap tea and help a refugee

Ap (Abdurrahman) Citak

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Hi! I'm Ap, and to me, tea is the sexiest liquid on earth! Tea warms, invigorates, and connects people by pouring its spicy, fresh, fruity, and fiery scents and juices to its drinkers. So I decided to use its magical power for a good cause and help out people who can use some warmth.

The idea is to sell organic tea and donate 33.3% of the revenue to Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland. This idea makes De Thap tea not only beautiful, tasty, and good for your health, but it also promotes a more sustainable planet for the people and all other species living on it. That way, it could be the perfect wholesome Christmas gift for your loved ones. And who knows, it might even prove useful in melting the icy heart of your in-laws or manager!

The product will contain 40-50 grams of premium organic tea leaves in a glass jar, good for 20-30 cups of warm love. You can choose from 5 special tea varieties, and the prices are as followed:

1 tea jar: €10,-

3 tea jars: €25,-

5 tea jars: €40,-

You can also buy an awesome limited DeThap canvas bag for €5,-. Tip: Use the bag to wrap your unique tea present - both creative and sustainable!

Did you get excited after reading this, and do you want to buy ‘sexy’ wholesome tea? You can do so by sending me an email. After signing up, I will reach out to you asap so you can place your order. Once your tea order has been prepared, it can be picked up in Utrecht, Amsterdam, or Rotterdam. Questions? Or want to help with De Thap? Please let me know!

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