Children of Moria

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As a parent of two it’s unimaginable and unacceptable that 5000 unaccompanied refugee children are currently in Greece. These children are extra vulnerable cause they have no parent who can take care of them and there are no guardians available. They are exposed to abuse every day, exploited and trauma’s getting worse by the day.

Last month there also a devastating fire in the refugee camp in Moria why the situation in Lesbos is unsustainable. The need is high also in other places on the Islands and on the mainland of Greece. This need only got higher because of COVID and the winter is coming. Unfortunately these children also became part of a European political joust.

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland is fighting against this desperate situation.

The least we  can do is to support VluchtelingenWerk Nederland is to make a small donation to help them bringing these children in a safe environment which every child deserves ASAP!



This fundraising emerged from the Tommy Team Talks community that I am a member off, it’s an online community for all marketing associates of Tommy Hilfiger (worldwide), with an head office based in Amsterdam. The community contains 324 members.

One of our main brand values is to welcome all and exclude nobody, therefor we are pulling out periodically communities, organizations and foundations that commit to the same values but could use our support and attention.

This month it was my turn to pull out a matter that’s close to my heart. A matter that’s unacceptable, a matter where we cannot turn our backs on. Hopefully our donations can give a bit of support in this fight for a better place for these children.


Bob Schut

Tommy Hilfiger, The Netherlands

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