The Journey by Joy: "824km for happier lives."

Joy Kirsten Vermeent
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My best friend came in The Netherlands as a refugee and ever since I heard his story, it inspired me in so many ways. A lot of people - me included - are not aware of what refugees need to go through. No one chooses where they are born and in which conditions. We are all lucky just to be here, some a little more than others.

In my life where I'm trying to figure out my next step, so many people are telling me: "Take your time" and “Whatever you need” - To figure out what I really want and desire. And the more i started to daydream about walking the Camino de Santiago, the more I felt a twisted feeling inside. It made me realise how privileged I actually am, to have this great support system and chances. And this realization made me more compassionate, for those who only dream to have this choices.

Now I want to dedicate my personal journey to other refugees. To those people who never wanted to leave but were left no choice. To those who are in search for safety. To those who should also have "our" rights and voice. To those who just want to be.

To help all of them find a little more ease and happiness in their journey - while I'm figuring out mine. Which is why I barely prepared, going to have to have faith in a strong mindset. I ask you all to donate, to support all of those in need and a little bit to motivate me. How many KM's of the 824, can you support all of us a little more?


*All donations will directly come to vluchtelingenwerk.

*To show you results I will keep my journey posted via Polarsteps and Instagram, find it via #journeybyjoy.

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