A Warm Welcome for Afghan Refugees in the Netherlands

Pantea Razzaghi & Soheil Rostami
from €1.000 (71%)

Helping During a Most Crucial Time

Courageous families and kindred souls who have experienced unimaginable atrocities and forced displacement are in urgent need of our aid. For those who have managed to flee - new challenges await upon arrival to this new, foreign land which is now home.

Our goal is to welcome these beautiful souls into the Netherlands with open arms and a helping hand by raising €1000 towards this urgent crisis. After all, we are all human and acknowledge that no person willingly flees their home. A home is a place of warmth and belonging, and together we can make it so.

Any amount of donation can and will make a difference and is deeply appreciated ❤️ Collected donations will go towards the Dutch Council for Refugees, a trusted organization working to help newly arriving Afghanis navigate and integrate into their new lives here in the Netherlands. While funding is only one step in a longer journey - together we can take this step forward in solidarity as one. 

About the Dutch Council for Refugees

The Netherlands Council for Refugees stands up for the rights of refugees in the Netherlands and helps them build a new life.

They are an independent organisation that acts in the best interests of refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The employees and many volunteers commit themselves to the protection of asylum seekers and refugees by providing personal support and representing their interests at their admission, reception, and social participation.

They base their work on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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