A big, heartfelt thank you <3

30 May 2020 16:37

 Dear all, 

Thank you so much for your support to the Dutch Refugee Council/Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland! I am personally so grateful that you wanted to support my fundraiser for them, but even more grateful for us as a collective, showing up in support of those who have no state to protect them.

Even though you, like me, are mostly confined to staying indoors, and even though you might sometimes experience emotional (or physical) discomfort over the quarantine measures, you have reached out to help others. I am amazed and so touched to see so many people extending a helping hand, in times where we all need that. 

Thus, let me now support you, yes you, a bit. If you have donated, but do not yet have access to my audiobook, please send an email to readtoraiselistentoshowlove@gmail.com. Then I can add you to the drive and you can access the wonderful, funny book that is Tom Sawyer! 

Much love and a big virtual hug,