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Family reunification
from €1.200 (49%)

Being forced to flee your home and everything you know to then go through the long, difficult and often hostile process of trying to settle somewhere safe. That’s how it is for refugees fleeing their countries fearing for their lives because of war, danger, or persecution.

Refugees in the Netherlands no longer have to fear for their lives. But they are deeply concerned about family members who are left behind. As long as their family is in danger, it is impossible to build a new life. Family reunification is a long and complicated process. Once the application has been approved, travel costs are often one last obstacle. By raising just €1200 we can help reunite one family in the Netherlands to start their resettlement process.

This is why we want to raise as much as possible with our team and beyond. Please share with other teams within the organisation, as well as family and friends!

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