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We are part of the social organisation sMaak. A student-led social enterprise, sMaak is a venture that was established around 8 years ago with the main goal of helping immigrants integrate into Dutch society. sMaak started at a primary school in Schiedam, where mothers who migrated to the Netherlands in the hope of achieving a better life, cooked together for different school event. Since then, sMaak has grown to a catering company that provides food to individuals and organizations in Rotterdam. Our food is native to the locality of our cooks. We all share the passion of food and we have the cause to help refugees integrate in the Dutch society

Supporting Vluchtelingenwerk

Any profits that we create are reinvested into our venture, to strengthen the existing capabilities and skills of our organization. However, as sMaak, we also realize it is important to impact the integration process beyond our enterprise.Together, we can make the biggest impact! Therefore, we want to invest a part of our profits into vluchtelingenwerk and encourage clients, organizations, fans of sMaak, family and friends to donate in Vluchtelingenwerk. Vluchtelingenwerk is doing essential and meaningful work in the same domain as sMaak. They protect the interests of refugees acrosse the whole country and help them to build a new life in the Netherlands Hence, we are confident that our donations will be used by Vluchtelingenwerk to create a significant positive impact on the life of refugees in the Netherlands.